Monday, September 19, 2011

Why Blog?

Over the last few years I've had the blessing of sharing a lot of myself with people. My food, my experiences in parenting and homeschooling, my advice, my exhortations...the list continues. After heaps of encouragement from friends and family, I decided to record some stuff here online to share with anyone who's interested. If you know me you know my passions. My God. My family. And FOOD!! If you want to hear me talk for 30 minutes without taking a breath, go ahead and ask me what I've been doing in the kitchen lately! Whether it is experimenting with new flavors, trying to conquer a new skill, or just fighting to keep healthy reasonably priced food on the table each night, it is my favorite subject.

About a year ago, I signed a letter to a farmer friend of mine "Love and Butter" and she was so tickled with it. I chose that as my blog name, because any thing that comes from my kitchen comes from my heart, to fill yours with joy...and it almost always includes butter!! I'm no Paula Dean...I would never use white sugar or flour in a recipe. But I do believe butter is one of the most wonderful things our Creator made for us. And that introduces the simplicity of my philosophy on food: God made our bodies and God made food. My family's journey is to eat food as close to the way it was created.

So we will start here on a journey. I'll welcome you into my kitchen...and via blog I won't have to do the dishes! Each week I always try one new dish, and I will pledge to share that with you along with any seasonal activity I'm doing, like freezing, canning, or gardening. Thanks for joining me, I hope you find something tasty, helpful, or challenging in the weeks or months to come.

Love and Butter,

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