Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Night 2011

I find it impossible to end this day without some reflection of the year gone by.  Of course, I have spent the last week pondering hard what I will resolve to do in the New Year.  But I must take a minute to think of the things I pledged 2011 to and make my peace with my work.

I had two main resolutions last year, one, the trite "get in shape" was more of a "I plan to continue my health journey."  This year I incorporated coconut oil into my diet and cut out all liquid vegetable oil except EVOO which I stopped heating.  I remained the same weight the entire year, but went down almost 2 dress sizes.  Meaning that I have done well to restore the bone density I lost from having 4 children in 5 years time, I am well at peace with this.  I must admit, not seeing the scale budge did drive me a bit crazy at times, but I was well aware of the good and bad side of eating a nutrient dense diet. (See Eat Fat Lose Fat)

My second resolution was to begin the blogging I had been telling myself and all of my loved ones I would do.  So I can't say I did that well, but I did start.  So all in all, 2011 I bid thee farewell.  I think we will part on good terms.

Love and Butter,

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