Tuesday, February 21, 2012

40 days 40 bags Challenge

I have never practiced Lent, not because I am not religious...mostly because I am forgetful and don't know it is even going on until I see my friends Facebook status celebrating all of the noble things they are giving up.  By then I figure I wouldn't be doing it for the right reasons, so I leave it until the next year.  Well the Lord must wanted to give me an idea just in time.  
I was pinning yesterday and searching for interesting recipes to read and stumbled upon Clover Lane.  Instead, I found a wonderful woman's blog and an amazing idea for Lent.  The idea is to purge your home of a trash bag full of stuff for every day of Lent.  To see how much we have that we can live without.  Things that others could use or valiant organizations can sell to help others.
I'm looking forward to the cleaning...is that sad?  We just finished cleaning closets and dressers, so I feel ambitious to try and find 40 bags still.  I am up for the challenge, are you?  Let's do it together!

Love and Butter,

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