Wednesday, February 22, 2012

40 days 40 bags: The Plan

Okay it's Lent!!  I am looking forward to clean drawers, organized shelves and clear surfaces!  I sat down and with a paper and pen today and made a list for myself.  You will have to make your own list depending on your home and which spaces will take more or less time based on where you stuff stuff.  Here is mine so you can compare notes, leave no stone unturned, or corner dusty.

1: Hall Linen Closet
2: Hall Bathroom
3: Master Bath
4: Master Bath
5: His Closet
6: Hers Closet
7: Under Bed 
8: Master-Surfaces
9: Master-TV Storage Area
10: Re-check all these Spaces
11: Boy's Closet
12: Boy's Dressers
13: Boy's Toys
14: Boy's Surfaces/Books
15: Finish Boy's Room
16: Girl's Closet
17: Girl's Dressers
18: Girl's Toys
19: Girl's Surfaces/Books
20: Finish Girl's Room
21: Entry Closet
22: Entry Table/Wall
23: Living Room: TV Cabinet
24: Living Room:Console Table/End Table/Baskets
25: Office: Desk Area
26: Office: Bookshelf Area
27: Dining Room: Bookshelf
28: Dining Room: Buffet
29: Kitchen: Cabinets Stove Wall
30: Kitchen: Cabinets Sink Wall
31: Kitchen: Freezer/Pantry
32: Laundry Room
33: Laundry/Pantry 
34: Garage
35: Garage
36: Van & Car
37: Attic
38: Kitchen Double Take
39: Dining/School Stuff
40: Once Over Search!!

Along with purging, Andy and I are also building bookshelves for each room using a simple plan from  My goal is to have each look organized and lovely.  We are working on the first one in a couple of minutes.  Just wanted to post my plan, hope it helps!

Love and Butter,

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  1. New to your blog. Just found this...and even though Lent has already begun...I'm going to do it. My plan is to fill 40 (target sized) bags. We are planning to put our house on the market so this will really help with the decluttering process! Thanks for the idea!

    1. That's awesome Jamie. I loved how it made our house feel so clean last year. Good Luck!!