Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breaking the Take-Out Cycle

Almost every weeknight, I hit the gym for a class either Zumba or Pilates, whatever is in the rotation.  Then I head home, sweaty, exhausted and hungry!  Not to mention the husband and four kids in tow.  So when we get off at our exit and pass the Chinese place on the corner, I have to admit it always crosses my mind!  I love Chinese food and more than that I love food someone else makes for me!  But I must admit it doesn't do any good to my waistline, my brain, or my wallet.
Since has helped me organize all of the great recipes and ideas I find on the web, I have vowed to cook (and craft) more often.  So of course, the first recipes I have tried have been Chinese food remakes.
The following is adapted from  This blog is written by a woman name Stephanie O'Dea who vowed to spend a year cooking and blogging with her CrockPot in 2008.  She even got on the Rachel Ray show for it!  I've been wading through her recipes, trying to resist the temptation to pin more than I cook.
Her recipes are all Gluten-Free.  My family is not GF, but I appreciate the fact that her recipes aren't filled with canned soup and other chemical-laden ingredients.  I have to double all of the recipes, and from reading the comments, a lot of families have to do so as well.  She also uses different sizes of CrockPots for different recipes, I haven't figured out how that affects the outcome.  I do know that I only have space in my kitchen for one crock at the moment, so we'll just have to go with that!
Here's the first one I made and it was a hit!

Chicken Teriyaki

3-5 lbs of Chicken parts (I used 3 packs of skin-on legs, frozen solid)
1/2 cup Tamari, or Soy Sauce*
1/8 cup of Brown Sugar or Sucanat or honey
1 head of garlic cloves, smashed or 1 TBSP of garlic powder
2 TBSP cooking Sherry (optional)

Mix the soy sauce with brown sugar and garlic powder if using.  Put garlic cloves in the bottom of the slowcooker (if using), place chicken in slow cooker and cover with teriyaki sauce.  Cook on High for 4-5 hours or Low for 6-8.  Serve with Fried Rice (recipe follows).

6 cups Cooked Rice (preferably in Chicken Stock)
4 eggs
1-16oz bag of frozen mixed veggies
2 TBSP of Butter

Melt Butter in non-stick frying pan.  Add frozen veggies and cook until warm, remove from pan leaving as much of the butter as possible.  Scramble the eggs in the pan, when done add in rice and veggies, salt to taste, you can also use soy sauce or some of the extra teriyaki from the slow cooker to season the rice.

*many soy sauces include hydrolyzed vegetable protein this ingredient has been listed as one that contains hidden MSG, also soy that has been naturally fermented will be more easily digested according to Nourishing Traditions.

Love and Butter,


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