Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 2, 3, & 4: The Bathrooms

Three drawers this full!
I hate cleaning bathrooms!  I really hate cleaning bathrooms.  For the obvious reasons of germs, but also now with a house of six I know someone is looming ready to destroy all my hard work.  Ha!  And they were lined up today, they even came in with mud from head to toe...seriously. 
The bulk of my stuffing in my bathroom is under my sinks.  Neither of my bathrooms have drawers and I always use the excuse that they are too small too keep organized...when in reality they are too small not to keep organized.
My first chore was to purge my makeup...let me just say I love makeup!  I worked in the industry for a couple of years in my early 20's and I accumulated so much stuff.  I have a hard time getting rid of it, even though it is so old because I keep thinking about how much it is worth.  This is so silly because I literally had a drawer with 56 lipsticks...56!  This isn't even counting the ones I keep in my makeup bag and purse...56!  So the side of me that grew up with very little wants to hoard these lipsticks because I know they were each worth $15 or so..yeah that is over $800 worth of lipstick, and that is the top of three drawers, we still have eyes and cheeks you know!  I dwindled it all down to 1 drawer, leaving me two empty ones to organize other things I have lying around.  

The after--I'm very proud!

I did try a new con- coction I found on Pinterest, but didn't pin because it was so simple.  Baking Soda and Dish soap will clean your tub like you would not believe!  Just dump in some baking soda (in a pile in the middle of the tub) and add dish soap until it forms a gel and scrub away with your best stiff bristled brush.  My tub has that textured stuff on the bottom and I have been trying for years to find something that will get it white...this is the stuff!

I'm up to 4 bags and it has only been 3 days.  I keep seeing things in every room now I know I will get rid of. I am so excited to see this unfold.

Love and Butter,


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