Monday, February 20, 2012

Take-out Take Two

I was so excited at how easy the Teriyaki was to make and to have ready for my family when we walked in the door.  So I tackled our single most beloved take-out menu item--General Tso's Chicken!  If you've ever had this item take-out you know it is deep fried chicken pieces covered in sweet/tangy/spicy sauce...aaahhh...the sauce!

There is no way I am breading and frying anything on a weeknight, but I found this Slow Cooker version and had to give it a whirl.  My version is as follows:

Feeds 6-8
General Tso's Chicken (Slow Cooker)
2-3 lbs of boneless chicken cut into pieces-preferably thighs and breast both (if your meat is frozen you can start cooking whole and then cut into pieces later)
1 head of garlic peeled with the ends cut off
9 tbsp brown sugar
6 tbsp of tamari or soy sauce
1 tbsp dried ginger or 2 tbsp diced fresh ginger root
1 tsp red pepper flakes
2 lbs of vegetables: frozen or fresh (I used broccoli and yellow pepper this time, stir-fry mix would be good too.)

Add all ingredients to slow cooker.  Toss meat to coat (you may have to do this in an hour once your meat is thawed and you can dice it up).  Cover and cook on low for 5-6 hours.  In the last hour add vegetables.  Serve over steamed or fried rice.

Hope you enjoy some take-out on me!  If it is this easy it will be a lot easier to drive past that place on the corner at 6 when you are starving!

Love and Butter,

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