Sunday, March 11, 2012

Game Plan 3/11

So it's Sunday, the first day of a new week.  I thought I would post my "game plan" for this week.  I usually sit down, either Saturday or Sunday, and plan all of the meals I will make for the week coming.  Then I make grocery lists and plan trips on the days I will be around those stores.  Since I live in a rural area in the south, healthy real food is sometimes hard to come by.  Oh and then there is that matter of a budget.  So I plan my meals around the produce sales and what meat I have in the freezer from my farmer, and try to spend as little as possible on top of that.  That, of course, is easier said than done in a house of six hungry people!
This week there will be a lot of pork in my line-up.  We just got a side of pork from our farmer friends, so it is on the top of the freezer.  I am super low on beef right now and have some chicken, but mostly pork is the word!  I heard a radio voice talking about pork this week.  Pork used to be the #1 consumed meat in America, mainly because it was so easy for a family to raise a pig in their backyard.  But then entered the low-fat age of margarine and canned soup and people started looking down on the sad little pig.  With the industrial produced pork adding fuel to the fire with all of the e.coli outbreaks, a lot of people steer completely clear of pork.
I have been on  that bandwagon most of my life, with my turkey sausage and turkey bacon.  Every once in a while getting ham and feeling guilty for it.  But then I met my most beloved friend Denise.  Denise grew up on a family farm in North Georgia, here where I live.  She moved to the big city for a while, but then found herself and her family on the farm next door to where she grew up.  Denise and her husband Mike have a passion about raising animals and produce in a way that honors the animals and the land, as well as nourishes the bodies of those who eat it.
Next to clean habitats and good diets, the best thing about pastured pork is the sunshine.  Pigs that are raised outside soak up the sun and that sunshine converts to Vitamin D, just like it does in our human bodies.  So this fat soluble vitamin is loading up that chubby pig's body while it roots around for acorns and such.  Vitamin D is one of the largest deficiencies in the American diet today.  It can be linked with a whole host of infirmities especially ones related to bone density.  It is funny because everything we eat is fortified with Vitamin D, but somehow most Americans are coming up deficient.  I have become a believer in the power of pork, I firmly believe that rendering lard from pastured pork and drinking raw milk are what healed my husband of his osteoporosis.

So we are hamming it up this week!
Monday: Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki and Fried Rice
Tuesday: Spinach Quiche with Ham and Tossed Salad (pie crust recipe)
Wednesday: Grilled Pork Chops and Colcannon (from my freezer)
Thursday: Homestyle Mac and Cheese with Ham and Collards
Friday: Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Saturday: Corned Beef and Cabbage (from the Nourished Kitchen)
Sunday: Oven Fajitas (from my freezer)

My ham came in 2-3 pound roasts, so I think if I take one and dice it, I should be able to get three meals out of it this week.  I am also going to cure my own Corned Beef.  I am really excited about this process.  It takes a week so I am starting Sunday.  I have cured my own bacon before and it was an amazing experience this should be a lot easier.  I am sure it will make a very special St. Patrick's Day feast!

Love and Butter,


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