Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring Everyone!

Spring has sprung!!  This is my favorite time of year.  Today I saw a lady holding her toddler down over a flower bed to smell the tulips.  It came as a reminder of how great this season is, despite that yellow powder!  Before long it will be too hot to enjoy time in the sun, so we got to it.

I broke up the roots of my phlox and transplanted them throughout my front beds.  Beautiful and keeps weeds away!
We took our classroom outside, it was too lovely not to.  My kids had a field day, they pulled out everything from hula hoops to racquetball equipment.  They organized games and took turns...I was so proud of them!While they were playing I started planning my veggie garden, turned my compost, pulled weeds, mowed, and planted bulbs.  I told my husband I would mow so he didn't have to inhale the 2600 pollen count today...really I wanted to get a little sun!

I love how Spring sheds light into all of the dark corners and on all of the weeds and dust in our lives. I found so much joy in working outside today, I have been doing so much inside work with my 40 days, 40 bags project.  It is already in the mid 90's here in North Georgia, I can't believe it.  I think I will start some squash and zucchini this week, all of my early spring veggies started flowering (cabbage, broccoli, and cilantro), so I guess it is time to move on to summer.

I dug up and replanned my cutting garden.  I added some Stargazer Lillies, those are my favorite! 
I love days like this.  I feel like my children learn more from days we spend outside than any we spend with our noses in books.  We dug worms, planned lines of flowers, watched a cardinal and a pigeon fight over our new bird feeder.  I watched them assemble into teams, and they did it fairly by age.  The older taught the younger how to use sports equipment and follow the rules of the game.  They picked each other up if one fell.  My heart is content with my decision to home-school on days like these.  I know we will finish the books and the requirements, but days like this make it lovely to be at home with all my loves.  
Trust me it isn't all flowers, but beauty in the making, the process of learning and growing it is a wonderful thing.  So much like gardening.  Pulling weeds, amending the soil, constantly watering.  It is much like educating a child.  We work on bad habits, practice ones that build character, and go over and over things until they are forever engraved in our memories.  Sometimes it comes up roses, and sometimes drought.  But we plod on.  Education will never be a destination, just like gardening is never to achieve some "end product".  It is a process of beauty.  So stop and smell the flowers!

Love and Butter,


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