Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ideas Out My Ears

I am having a great week.  My meal plan and freezer cooking has left me a lot of time out of the kitchen this week.  I loved having a quick answer when anyone asked what was for dinner.  I always make a list, but something about posting it here made it real.  I did switch Tuesday for Thursday and we didn't have a salad tonight, because I haven't gone to the store yet.  But all in all I think it went well.  The pastured ham was out of this world.  We had it smoked at a local place called Link 41.

I pulled weeds from my garden and the sun on my shoulders had me ready to start seeds and get in the dirt.  I cannot wait to taste fresh tomatoes or make pickles.  I have been saving my egg cartons to start seeds this year, I always feel good about throwing one less thing away.
With the warm weather, I feel like whistling while I work and day dreaming of all of the beautiful possibilities around me.  What did I daydream about before Pinterest?  Does this sound like you?  There are SO many good ideas on there.  I'm plugging away at my 40 bags, and the house is really starting to look fresher and brighter.  On top of cleaning, we just inherited some really nice antiques, that I will be moving in later this week and soon refinishing!  I love refinishing furniture.  I'm excited to have some new stuff to work on.  I've been reading about all the different ways to paint/distress furniture here.
I'm thinking about slip-covering my sofa like this.  It looks like a lot of work, but the finished product is much nicer than the one-size-fits-all covers in stores.
I had to move my shag rug out of the living room because it is already 86 degrees!  It seemed too warm under food, and truth be told it could use a good cleaning.  I'm looking at simple, cheap solutions like painting a rug.  I'm trying my best to be realistic with how many projects I make and how long my "to-do" lists get...well somewhat realistic!
I'm also getting ready for a presentation on fermented foods at the next WAPF Chapter meeting here in Chattanooga.  I'm a little nervous, but excited too.  I really believe fermenting foods keep my family healthy.  Do you ferment?  Have you tried Kombucha?  It is my favorite right now.  I'm struggling to keep my water kefir grains alive, I honestly think they don't like me.  My kids are chowing down on the "sauce" as my 3 year-old calls it.  Today we had open-faced chicken and swiss and my kids smothered them in homemade ranch.  I love seeing them so excited about eating well.

Love and Butter,

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