Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our WAPF Story

My family's journey into Traditional foods didn't start with information or a wise decision to make life changes.  I wish we had found this information years ago, and saved ourselves years of disease and confusion.  Ours was one of disappointment and sickness, as many, we found the Weston A. Price Foundation because the American food system brought illness upon our family and the American medical system, in my opinion, almost brought death to our family.  Processed foods with no nutritional value and a million poisonous additives combined with doctors hell bent on keeping their pharmaceutical monies will never be more than a recipe for death.  The further we journey away from the American diet into the Traditional cultures of the world, the more healing we find of parts of our lives we didn't even see ailments before.

The bulk of our story began when my husband was diagnosed with hypogonadism, which is a rare condition where a man ceases making testosterone.  This condition is on the rise, well diagnosis of this condition is on the rise, and coincides with production of new synthetic hormone replacements therapies.  Funny how that works?  It usually occurs in men in their 70's+, my husband was diagnosed at 32.  Symptoms include: fatigue, muscle loss, and infertility.  I might add, that I sat in the doctor's office 8 months pregnant with our 3rd child (in 4 years) and heard this diagnosis.  Why we blindly followed this doctor, I still cannot comprehend, but he was a doctor, right?  An educated man?  Right?

My husband was prescribed a cream he had to apply twice a day.  He could not touch me until it had hours to absorb, this would cause risk to my hormone balance and to our unborn child.  After a year of creams which, by the way, were not paid for by our insurance, my husband had no sign of improvement.  He was still tired all the time, to the point of barely functioning, and I was pregnant again.  Yes for the fourth time in five years, I was pregnant when my husband was diagnosed with a disease that causes infertility!  I feel like I should use all caps!  I have no idea why we didn't run from this doctor, but his demeanor made us trust him.  At some point, he (the doctor) attended a seminar on a brand new method of hormone replacement--pellets.  This is what they use in horses....yes horses.  I cannot even describe the pain my husband endured with this minor surgical procedure, and just to feel "normal" again. 

Then he started to break bones.  I can break down the hormonal changes that occur on replacements, but I'll save that for another post.  I want to fully describe what we were going through at the time, because then, we had no idea how all this was working itself out.  Ribs first.  Which they misdiagnosed as kidney stones and gastric upset, and sent him home with Percocet.  Ah yes!  Percocet--the seriously addictive, yet perfectly fine to hand out as candy, narcotic pain killer.  Of course, you can probably see where this went. In the next year, my husband broke one of his ribs five different times, his foot, and then his wrist broke from using crutches.  Whose wrist breaks from using crutches?  All of these times, prescribed pain killers and then they even added in anxiety medicine, because let's face it when you are walking around breaking bones left and right you need a good Xnax to calm you down. 

We did leave that doctor, only to find the next version of useless medical professional.  The referral guy.  I do think it is better to have a second, more qualified opinion, but doctor #2 sent my husband to five different specialists.  Each one of these doctors conducted their own form of tests, made their own isolated diagnosis, and did what doctors do best--wrote prescriptions.  So there we were, a year into this illness and my husband now had hypogonadism, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and rheumatoid arthritis.  Most importantly, he had 13 medications to pay for and take each day and at least two doctor appointments a week, and, by the way, those four kids he produced when he was supposedly infertile needed their daddy. 

This road goes no where fast.  Our family was falling apart in so many ways.  Not once were we given a why to any of this.  No doctor even attempted to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  God bless the internet...not!  So we turned to online diagnosis, which put a million ideas in our head, we urged more tests, and more tests.  Surely something was causing all these problems....nothing.  I gave up on medicine completely.   Not science, just the backward, greedy way medicine is practiced in this country.  After two years, "medicine" had stolen my husband from me, and for lack of a more lady-like word, I was pissed!

I stopped reading medical advice online and started praying, and searching for something online that didn't come from any puppet associated with the American Medical Association.  I found him!  Weston A. Price.  I found him!!!  Raw Milk.  The dangers of Soy.  The healing power of Broth.  We still have miles to go in the transformation to the Traditional diet, but even with those three things in our life my husband stopped breaking bones, quit all his meds, and slowly began to gain control over his emotions.  We are currently studying the amino acid imbalances that may have led to the anxiety and depression in The Mood Cure and The Magnesium Miracle.  And I truly believe that over time we will be fully healed of this dark period in our life.

If you have time I would love to hear some of your WPF story.  I hope mine inspires you.

Love and Butter,

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  1. It looks even crazier when its there in black and white!!!

  2. I know! I wrote this months ago, I still feel like there is so much to good friends and exercise kept me alive :-)

  3. Glad I found you. You followed one of my Twitter accounts. I followed you back and from both accounts. Really like how you are raising your kids and feeding your family. I'm in GA as well.

    BTW, I'd like add your site to my Blogroll and Resources page. Also, if it's okay with you, I'd like to post an occasional article from you for my readers, with a link back to your original, of course.

    Really enjoyed what I've read from your site. I'm a mayo junkie. I know it's terrible stuff, so I'm inspired to try your recipe.

    Congrats on your new little one on the way!


    1. Thanks so much Todd. I really like your blog too. I don't have an active blog roll, but have been making enough connections lately to start one. I'll add you to that list.
      My husband is going to flip when he sees the moonshine cough syrup! We've been making a similar concoction from rum, but he is really into the moonshine scene right now, medicinally that is ;)
      Let me know what you might want to work out!

  4. Hi Mishelle,

    I found your wonderful site today while looking for homemade vidallia onion dressing recipe. Hopefully I will find one soon... but I did find your ranch and look forward to making it. Anyway, I love your site and would love to spend hours here, but have got to go and start our homeschool day. I was blessed to see that your family is expanding. I am also blessed to see you are a WAPF family. We just began our WAPF journey back in November, also from reseaching raw milk. I was researching it because I have low vitamin D levels, and would like to raise them naturally....witout synthetic vitamins. I would love for you to share with me what you know about vitamin D. I am currently drinking raw milk, milk kefir, taking cod liver oil...YUMMY:(... and butter oil and raw milk cheeses. Anymore information you have would be greatly appreciated. Also, could you please share any knowledge you have on the effects of low vit D on the body and spirit. Thanks again for sharing your life and family. Victoria

    1. It sounds like you are on the right path to raise your Vitamin D levels. I would add that you get sun exposure whenever possible. (you should stay in the sun until you turn slightly pink, and then not shower for at least a couple of hours). Also, Lard from pigs raised outdoors is a great source of vitamin D and from my understanding it is highly absorbable. This is hard to find, you will have to find a small local farmer selling it or fatback you can render yourself.
      When my husband was diagnosed with osteoporosis, we were on a really restricted budget, we added raw milk, bone broth, and lard, and within 6 months he stopped breaking bones.
      There are connections between Vitamin D and thyroid disorders too, so you might also want to keep an open eye for thyroid symptoms. Thyroid is a subject I hope to cover more in the future. I have a dear friend working through some issues in a homeopathic way right now, and I have been learning a ton from her along the way.
      As far as the spiritual side, I can speak from a Christian perspective, so if that interest you, here is what I have to say. Although I do believe depression is a very physical condition, I also think it is very spiritual in the mind of the believer. The enemy is creeping at the door...always, when our bodies are suppressed physically we must be extra cautious not to let that become a foothold to him. Our minds must always be captive to truth, about ourselves, our families, and our God. Kay Aurthur's study As Silver Refined, is one of the best sources on this type of Spiritual warfare I have ever read. It really helped me understand what my husband was going through and for us both to work through it together.
      I don't know if that was what you were asking, but I hope it helps. Blessings to you and yours.