Friday, March 30, 2012

Sew Good! The Pillow Case Dress

Spring makes me itch to sew dresses and I couldn't think of a better one to try than the Pillow Case Dress.  These are everywhere today, and for good reason.  On Etsy they are selling anywhere from $12-$30.  I finished this project with ribbon enough for some stack bows for around $10- for two girls!!  If you are skeptical of sewing let me lean you in the right direction.  This would be a great first project.  Here's some things I love about the Pillow Case Dress:

1.  It's adjustable at the top.  This works for modesty (which a lot of sundresses from the store are not) and for growing.  One dress can be worn for years.  Because you can adjust the neck, you can just keep changing it as your little beauty grows.  The below the knee dress can become a short dress with bloomers, and eventually a tunic over pants or a long top.  Especially if you are going to take the time to make something by hand, it is nice to have it last a while.
2.  It can be worn in any season.  Alone or with bloomers in the warmer months, with leggings, boots and a jean jacket in the cooler.  You can even layer long-sleeves under it.  Today my oldest love wore hers with ripped blue jeans and converse.  It was so "her"!   
3.  Both of my two daughters can share the same size dress.  It will look a little different on each because of their height, but that does mean I won't just be sewing two of stuff for the sake of it.  If you have two daughters you might understand, if you do it for one you have to do it for the other.  This drives me bananas.  So with these I could just fill their closet and they could share them.  Do take note that if you are making two dresses and want the two girls to match, you will have to make the dresses longer/shorter according to height.
4.  It is SO simple to sew.  I whipped these up in a couple of hours one night.  And it isn't because I'm a whimsical seamstress, it is just a simple pattern to follow.  Check out this printable pdf.  Or if you prefer here's a YouTube video.

Here's our last pillow dress photo shoot.  This was the first time I photographed the kids since I read this tutorial.  I used coordinating fabrics and did them in an opposite pattern.  Hobby Lobby had ribbon that perfectly matched the fabric.  And the ribbon was 50% off and the fabric was 30% off.  I had enough to make some stack bows, which are even easier!  I'll post that later!  I cannot over emphasize how EASY this project was!!

Love and Butter,


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