Saturday, March 31, 2012

Soaked Bread Round #1

I am trying so hard to bake bread.  A few years ago I had it down pretty well, but then I learned the facts about phytic acid.  Phytic Acid encapsulates all grains and legumes.  In your body it blocks the absorption of vital nutrients like calcium, zinc, and iron.  Over consumption of phytic acid can lead to a lot of health problems, most commonly anemia.
A few years ago we were eating a diet rich in beans and grains, which on paper is good.  But my husband was suffering from anemia and a host of problems you can read about in Our WPF Story.  Part of his healing began when we backed off of eating grains and beans so that his body could have the time to heal.  We loosely followed a Paleo-like diet similar to the one outlined in the GAPS diet.  I firmly believe broth and raw milk are what healed my husband!
So now we are beginning to work back into baking, but with what I know about phytic acid I want to perfect baking with soaked grains.  I'm laughing on the inside as I type "perfect", because my first attempt was far from it!
I used a recipe I found in a free e-book called Is Your Flour Wet?.  It was originally published by Kelly the Kitchen Kop, but I can't find it in a post on her blog.  I am planning on printing this e-book to use as a reference in my kitchen.  It has everything in it!
Take a look at my attempt, it may make you feel better about any disasters you've had in the kitchen.  One loaf was fine, but the other had this huge hole in the middle.  Both were far too dense.  I have been going over and over in my head where I made small mistakes.  The directions in the recipe were very specific, so I think with a few more tries I should be able to pinpoint my mistakes.

I used the bread with the hole in the middle to make eggs in a nest this morning for breakfast.  Have you ever made those?  They are my favorite, and my family's.  I planned on taking a picture, but everyone gobbled them up before I got a chance (myself included)!  
To save the middle, I scooped out the raw dough and broke it into peices.  Then added butter, garlic powder, and parsley.  I put them back in the 350 degree oven until brown.  Viola!  Croutons!

I will keep trying!!  I feel like the little train going up the mountain.  I will bake good bread! I will!!

Love and Butter,


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