Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trash To Treasure: Men's Shirt Remake

Here's a quick step-by-step on how I turned a thrift store men's dress shirt into a cute skirt and matching headband for my oldest love Lilly. 

I picked up an American Eagle men's dress casual shirt at the thrift store.

First remove the pocket using a seem ripper.

Cut the shirt in a straight line across at the arm pits.

Choose a width of elastic you think will make a comfortable waist band.  I used 3/4 inch non-roll.

Make a fold a little larger than the width of the elastic, press to mark.  

Fold under and press.

Roll a second time and press again.  

Sew all the way around, except a 1 inch opening.

Use a safety pin to maneuver the elastic through the waistband.

Adjust to desired width on the person who will wear it.  Sew the elastic, back-stitching, sewing, back-stitching again to reinforce.

Sew the opening shut.  Re-attach the pocket where ever you want it.

Now for the headband.  From the sleeve make a strip 1/2 times longer than the head of the person you are making it for.  It should be a little wider than twice your elastic.  Fold over, crease and sew.

Turn it right side out, and insert elastic with safety pin like you did the waistband.

Fold under one end and slide the other end in.  Stitch and back stitch to reinforce.


There a millions of possibilities out there to turn something into something beautiful.

Love and Butter,


Submitted to:  Thrifty Thursdays

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