Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Heart My Neti

My husband has suffered from sinus congestion from seasonal allergies.  His congestion often leads to sinus infections and sometimes even bronchitis.  He's always popping allergy medicine or alka-seltzer cold.  I have just been sighing, and quietly reminding him he is welcome to try my neti pot....well sometimes I am just plain nagging him.  I hate that he is putting all of that stuff in his body, but he is an adult.

To use a neti pot, all you need is a pot, sea salt, and distilled water.  Add 1/4 tsp of salt to 1 cup of water.  You can warm it a little if you are really congested **do not make it hot**.  Add some of the salt water to the neti pot.  Put the spout into your nostril and tilt your head to the side (ear parallel to the floor).  Over a sink, begin to pour the water slowly through your nose.  Concentrate on breathing slowly through your nose and allow the water to flow out of your other nostril until it is gone.  Finish by blowing your nose well.  You can rinse the other side now.  With severe congestion, you can repeat, but allow 10-15 minutes between rinsing.  It is so simple, and so refreshing. 

Seeing my husband finally get it.  And he even did a second rinse later this afternoon!  Have you tried a neti?  What is your verdict?
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  1. I know people love them, but they are a little intimidating! All I can think of is that gross feeling you get while swimming when water goes up your nose. I have not had the pleasure of trying one yet, maybe next time I feel congested.

  2. I say it is my "beach" in the winter, because it is like you got some ocean water in your nose!

  3. ooh! so glad you remembered me from so many years ago at Earth Fare and so glad you're still loving the netti!