Monday, April 16, 2012

Let There Be Head-Lights

My headlights were burnt out, and I literally didn't know for months.  I almost never drive at night, so by the time I figured it out, they were both out.  My husband was exasperated, because it hadn't been a year since we changed them last.  But apparently our model of van has electrical issues and most commonly blown headlights.  Oh well!!  I am not in the market to buy a new van, especially since my kids are still young and still think it is funny to sneak crayons into the van and "decorate" the seats and ceilings...oh yeah the ceilings!
So to perfect our state of procrastination, we've not changed the light, until today because we have baseball tickets and have to leave in a couple of hours.  My hubby is so overwhelmed with work right now, so I figured I would just plain do it myself.  And you know what?? I did!
To get directions I did a simple google search "kia sedona change headlights" and came upon this video:
I must say it was fulfilling to get my hands a little dirty and not have to be talked down to by a mechanic.  It was also extra special to take something off of my husband's plate.  He does so much for our family and seriously it felt GOOD!!

Love and Butter,

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