Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15 Meal Planning Before Vacation

I sat down and planned meals for this week, and then I realized we will only be eating dinner at home this week three times.  Tomorrow we are heading down to our first Braves game of the year, so I will have to pack tailgating food instead of the Roasted Chicken I planned on making.  I am also counting down the days until we head to St. Augustine Beach for vacation.  So I am concocting a meal plan and some advice on how to plan meals in the days before heading out of town.
It is good to start thinking about what is in your fridge a couple of weeks before, and to start to consume it and be careful not to plan meals that have you buying new ingredients and then wasting what you have.  So #1 Take Inventory.  Always!  Or you will lose track of something you paid money for!  This is a good idea to do every couple of weeks anyway.  For instance, right now I have a few logs of goat cheese I got on sale, some run-over produce from last week, and some salad dressings I've made.
On top of getting ready for vacation, I am heading out of town this week to my sister's college graduation.  This means grandma will be feeding the kids this weekend, and my main Love and I will be trying some great restaurants in the Louisville, KY area.   So I am planning meals until Thursday, with the single goal to clean out my fridge.  My slow-cooker freezer meals on Thursday helped a lot with that, and I can't wait to try those eats.

Monday:  Sandwiches, black bean and corn salad w/Blue Corn Chips, snacks (we do peanuts, no Cracker Jacks...go Braves!!)
Tuesday: Cranberry Pork Roast (from Mama and Baby Love) and Colcannon (from my freezer)
Wednesday: Pizza (like this)
Thursday: Chicken Tetrazzini (based on Giada De Laurentiis but with broccoli)

Hopefully I will find some good local food while we are on the road.  I am looking forward to traveling without the kids.  I will miss them, but it is easier to eat out with 2 and not 6.

Love and Butter,

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