Monday, April 2, 2012

Real Food Makeover: Chicken Artichoke Dinner

Kids doing the dishes, Wicked coming from the speakers, the day is done.  I'm totally distracted with singing along, but wanted to post the changes I made to the Kraft recipe.  You really can change any recipe into a real food recipe.  Here's the basic process I follow.
First, identify the fake food ingredients.  In this recipe, I don't like jarred artichokes, because they usually have preservatives added to them.  I also would never use bottled salad dressing.  If it were basil season I would want to break down the ingredients in pesto, but since it isn't, I will settle with a good jar I have on hand.  And finally, if I can I add more veggies.

So here's what I came up with:
4 Split Chicken Breast (boneless would be fine, I just had these on hand)
1 small jar of pesto
1/2 a recipe of homemade Zesty Italian from Penniless Parenting
1-10oz bag of spinach
6 tomatoes, diced
1 bag of frozen artichokes

In a Large Casserole dish.  Add Artichokes, to a pan.  Place Chicken on top.  Pour Salad dressing over.  Spread Pesto on the chicken.  Bake in a 350 degree oven.  Cooking time will depend on Chicken.  The Bone-in Breast took a little over an hour.  When thoroughly cooked, remove chicken and stir in spinach to hot tomato and artichoke mixture until wilted.  Serve on top of Chicken.  The original recipe suggest serving with rice, we ate it with a tossed salad because we had pizza and cake at a celebration lunch.  I also might like to try the foil preparation, it just seemed like more work to me.  This may also work in a slow-cooker or in a saute pan.
With the leftovers, I think I will put them with some pasta and top with some asiago for lunch.  All in all this was okay tasting, as good as I would expect from Kraft.  But it was simple to make this fake food meal into a from scratch meal and I really don't think it took that much more time.
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