Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Soaked Bread Round #2

I have my third batch of soaked sandwich bread baking up in the oven right now.  I thought I would post my second attempt and some tips on using the e-cookbook Is Your Flour Wet? to make bread. This is the only thing I've tried so far in the e-cookbook, but I think overall it will be a reference I will frequently use in the future.
There are two Wheat Sandwich bread recipes in this cookbook.  One is made for a top attached mixer (like the common KithenAide or my Cusinart) and the second is made for a bottom mixer (like Electrolux or Bosch).  The recipes vary in the kneading/rising process.
My first round, which you saw was a total disaster, was probably because I used the recipe that was made for a bottom mixer.  So the second time, I followed exactly the recipe for the top style mixer and the bread was a total success.  I must admit I did use bread machine yeast, because the rising process still baffles me.
I am still a little hesitant about these recipes because they do contain white flour.  I haven't used white flour in my kitchen (except birthday cakes) in years.  So I am planning on tinkering with the process a couple of more times and them moving on to sourdough.  I just got some starter and when I get back from my weekend in Louisville I will get that stuff going.  I will definitely keep this in my book for quick bread.  For now, here's a few pictures of my success!!

My best advice to getting good bread, is taking your time, reading the instructions well, and most importantly, be patient with yourself and your dough.  In the end, whether dense, fluffy, or plain old soggy in the middle...just slather some butter on there and go to town!  Your mouth will thank you!

Love and Butter,


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