Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Means Buttah!!

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING like Spring butter!  I made a huge batch the other day and took some pictures to walk you through the process, in case it makes you nervous.  I remove about half of the cream from my raw grass-fed milk.  This time of year when the grass is growing so fast, the amount of cream increases on the milk.  It is also the highest in nutrients and makes this gorgeous yellow butter.

I use my whisk attachment.

I crank it up to the highest setting-12 on mine.

Let it rip.  See the yellow tint?  That's grass baby!

Here it is whipped cream. 

This is a little firmer whip cream, this is how I like it on my strawberries!

Keep Whipping!

Getting Closer.

Starting to seperate.


This one shows how the buttermilk seperates.

Then I packed it into this container.

I made a huge mess.  Squished out all of the buttermilk.  You can rinse it, I don't..mainly because I am lazy.

Final product.  Butter and Buttermilk!

That's it.  I figured if I was going to earn the title of Love and Butter, I should be able to show you how to make butter.  Hope you get it try sometime!

Love and Butter,

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