Thursday, June 14, 2012

Soap Barter

Summer is off to a great start here in Chattanooga, TN!  The farmer's markets are open, early blackberries at the Pick-Your-Own are available, and tomatoes are starting to turn red.  I have a love-hate relationship with summer.  I hate the, I need a third shower today, humidity.  But I do love the basil, the tomatoes, and the blueberries...oh! the blueberries!  This will be my first summer, 8 years, without a child in diapers, so, needless to explain why, I am looking forward to blueberry season a little more.  
So far I have struck up two new bartering arrangements that I am really excited to share about.  I am working on the beginning of the second, so I will share the first.  I am trading fermented goodies for soap.  Through my local chapter leader of WAPF, I found a local soap maker who was interested in fermented veggies but didn't have the time.  What she did have, was soap!  Hand-made, custom, small-batch soaps.  Her company is called 423 Soaps.  (423 is the area code here in Chattanooga, in case you were wondering).

I met CeCe on a Saturday morning at the Brainerd Farmer's Market.  I love the Brainerd community, they are a strong and hard-working sort of folk.  They seem to treasure the smaller things and are working so hard to preserve a beautiful and historical part of our city.  From CeCe's amazing array of soaps I chose two that I thought I would like.  The first was a vegan soap made with charcoal and scented with Sage.  I've been using this on my super-oily face, it feels so good especially after a sweaty workout.  The second I got a lard-coconut combination soap, scented with  Citronella and laced with coffee grounds.  CeCe sources her lard from a local sausage company Link 41 that specializes in hand seasoned and smoked grassfed and pastured meats.  I've been loving this one in the shower, the coffee grounds offer a nice exfoliation and the lard is so moisturizing that I've even been using it to shave.
I am looking forward to this new relationship, bartering is such a glorious thing.  When we enter into agreements with people built on mutual trust and respect, I think the earth is just a little bit better!
Are you involved in your local chapter of WAPF (The Weston A. Price Foundation)?  Here's mine, anyone is welcome to join.  It is a wonderful place to share ideas, find support, and increase your bank of knowledge.  All subjects in the realm of natural living, real food, and local farming will apply.  It is a great way to find people in your community who know more about specific things (like herbal remedies) and to share your journeys to real health together.  I am so thankful for all that I have learned through my local chapter, and I know that it is only the beginning.

Love and Butter,

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  1. So glad the barter worked out! I would like to do it too. Will be making some more kraut and kimchi next week. Oh, we also have a new chapter website. Check it out.

    1. I love the website. I'm amazed you find the time to do all that you do!