Monday, October 8, 2012

Easy Raw Cocoa

We just had our first cold snap here in the ridges of North Georgia.  We sat around the fire last night talking and shivering a little.  It was nice to bring out some sweatshirts and blankets and snuggle up for the football game on Sunday.  Along with that, I brought a cup of this amazing, yet so simple cocoa that my friend Denise shared with me a couple of years ago.  I haven't bought a cocoa mix ever again!

Recipe makes 16 oz. but can easily be doubled or more for a crowd.

2 cups of raw local milk (this will work with store milk too)
1 TBS of cocoa powder
1 TBS of powdered sugar

In a small sauce pan, heat milk on medium heat just until a skin forms on the top.  Add cocoa and powdered sugar and whisk until frothy.....THAT'S IT!!

This stuff is so good.  You can easily adjust the sweetness or chocolateyness (I know-not a word). 

Enjoy it!  In your blanket on the couch or around a fire in your back yard.

Love and Butter,

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