Sunday, October 7, 2012

Every Gift

My writer's block, or recipe block this summer is driving me crazy.  The reality is there have been bigger "fish to fry" in our home, to use a food term.  We've been remodeling our spiritual and emotional bonds as a family--to see the gift of life as a gift.  In the midst of this, I've still been cooking and snapping pictures, but the time I usually dedicate to putting words to my recipes has been spent on my knees begging my Lord for restoration.  The seasons of life come and go, and our family has truly been in a "rebuilding year", to use a football term, since the season is now upon us.
I did want to share one thing, that may be small, but today I am rejoicing over new dishes.  This summer alone, 8 different things broke or got destroyed in my kitchen alone.  Most of which I wasn't financially inclined to fix at this very moment.  One of mishaps occurred when a shelf support broke in one of my cabinets, sending almost all of my dishes crashing to the floor.  We still had enough dishes to sit down to dinner, but a lot were gone.  Now I wasn't crazy about my dishes to begin with, and I had already picked out replacements, but it wasn't something I couldn't classify as a "need" right now, so it had to wait.
A week ago, I got a call from my aunt who is newly retired and her company was closing.  In closing, they divided up all of the office goods, and being that she had seniority, she got first dibs.  She was a part of the party committee, so she claimed part of the dishes they had used for company parties.  I went to pick up the dishes, just expecting simple plates that had been picked out by someone in a different generation than I.  I was thankful, and they would serve their purpose.  What I received was a set of dishes almost identical to the ones I had been eyeballing.  I was amazed! 
I know the battle isn't over.  I know our rebuilding will take longer.  But now, I know my Lord knows the desires of my heart (even what kind of dishes I like!), and He alone rebuild this brokenness into something glorious.  I bid farewell to this summer of trial and welcome the change He has planned for me and my family.

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above."  James 1:17

Love and Butter,

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