Sunday, November 4, 2012

Family Picture Test Run

I am dreaming the Impossible Dream.  That a family of 6 can get a good family picture.  Where everyone is looking at the camera.  At the same time.  And smiling.  And dressed to coordinate.  On the perfect fall day.  Today was first practice, I started pulling clothes to see how we could coordinate, what it would look like on film, so I could make a shopping list of what I need to pick up to get a little closer to this absolute total impossibility.  Here's round 1.  I'm not in any of these pics, but in all of the world these are my greatest loves...being themselves...which is exactly what I am trying to avoid!

Let's get started.  Thank goodness for SLR's and continuous takes. 

I have one grump, and one sleepy...yeah!

I almost gave up here.

Zoom in on the only two cooperating

And one who isn't.

Here's where I sighed, and promised them all a piece of their Halloween candy.  

I even had grumpy's attention now.

Looks like everyone's on board now.  Let's do this thing!

I was trying to loosen them up, I think I made a face.

Silly is coming.

Weird mouths.

Silly is making it's way out.

Little more.

Little more.

Close up...

We are getting closer...I promise

Last little bit of silly makes it way out and...

Now we are talking. 
Really like, Big Girl has a lot of teeth though.

I think this one is my favorite, but if I could I would swap Little Girl's face for the previous one.  

None of these look anything like the dream photos I have pinned.  But maybe with a little Photoshop?  I'm not loving the color combination as much as I thought I would, but it might also be that the cloud coverage was really thick.  Either way still some of the better pics of my loves in a little while...we'll see how the real day goes!

Love and Butter,


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