Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Ramblings of a Chubby Girl

I guess holiday baking season is upon us, even though Thanksgiving came and left us an entire week of November.  But if the retailers are decking the halls, why not start making treats to fatten up all those lovelies around you?  I mean seriously we have to make New Year's resolutions in 5 weeks, and it is easier if you really kill it at Christmas.  Then you can say "no more holiday sweets" and mean it and stick to it until...well until Valentines at least!
For real, I get really serious with the scale this time of year...can't say I don't hate the thing, but I do keep tabs on my weight so that I don't gain any weight.  I must say I almost double my workouts to balance out the goodies...no just kidding..okay I'm really not.  I have been perpetually trying to lose weight (since I was eight or so and my mother put me on a grapefruit and cottage cheese diet and told me stories about how she had to wear "chubby girl" clothes).  I know it is a sickness, but now after years of spiritual and emotional rehab through the good book and a good man who has loved me at almost every size they make...well, I'd like to say I'm cured, but I think that is impossible.  I don't do diets though.  Never.  Never.  Never.  I don't try to change anything about the way I eat to lose weight, that being said, on rare occasion I allow sweets into my diet (mainly holidays) and I keep those pesky extra carbs in check with extra exercise. 
I should add that this doesn't mean I go crazy, I keep planning good nourishing meals for my family.  But I do get in the holiday spirit by making treats.  Here are my rules...the rules I try to follow (some exceptions apply and are listed below):
-I only use ingredients, I usually accept anyway (this means minimally processed, I can pronounce all of the ingredients and know what they are).  My one exception is Chex Mix.  I make 2 varieties every year, but my family loves them, and that would make a total of 5 boxes of cereal I have purchased in 2012 (3 for chex mix and 2 on vacation), I think that is pretty dang good! 
-I try to avoid all types of food dye ( I do this all year long except for decorating birthday cakes), because in my experience food dye causes much more havoc in children than sugar in moderation.
-If you can't make the treat, don't eat the treat.  Don't just buy all the crap the store puts out, do enjoy the holiday and make treats for yourself and your loved ones!
-Exercise first!  And exercise a lot!!
-Make treats mostly to give away, enjoy a couple and then get them the heck out of your house!
-Make memories along the way, there is no reason to bring sugar into the equation unless you have a tiny person smiling beside you.
-Watch carbs in balance, your pancreas can only do so much.  I try to plan more paleo-like meals this time of year so we can enjoy something sweet afterward.
-Realize that skinny models are miserable obsessive freaks of nature and you should never compare yourself to them.
-Don't get too busy to enjoy real food with the ones you love the most!  Even if its just leftover soup.

Well that's it.  I know it sounds crazy, but trying to follow a traditional diet in a modern world IS crazy.  I know there are traditional recipes out there for any treat you might want to recreate.  I'll try and share some of the modifications I've made through the years.  But most importantly have a Holly Jolly Christmas...and it's okay if you get a little more Jolly, we'll all still love you in January!

Love and Butter,


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