Saturday, November 3, 2012

Library Goodness

"The things I want to know are in books,"  said the great Abraham Lincoln as a child.  I can only imagine the quest for knowledge this young man had who worked so hard to one day become one of the most memorable leaders of all time.  Books are my favorite, they have been since I was a child.  Most kids raced to the tv for cartoons on Saturday mornings, I would stay deep under the covers racing to finish whatever adventure I was deep in the midst of.  
My greatest dream, since childhood was to write and publish a book.  I remember my first "book", I wrote and designed it on a computer in the back of my 4th grade classroom in the free time I earned by finishing my work early.  I did digital drawings on the state-of-the-art MacIntosh (back when they had the little rainbow apple on the front), printed it, separated the dot-matrix paper, laminated the pages, and spiral-bound it.  I even got to share it on our school's morning show!  ( I guess this was a time before school budget cuts.)
Little has changed since then.  I cannot end a day unless I have spent sometime holding a book.  I love blogs and the endless amount of information at my fingertips, but there truly is nothing like a book.  I have an on-going Amazon order list that my husband will randomly surprise me by ordering from.  But here are the days of tight-budgets and many little ones needing many things, so buying books falls to the "want" list.  But my heart "needs" books, my soul needs to flip pages and embrace someone else's writing.  To see the scope of things through their eyes, to find their ideas, to feel their personality through their words, to slip into an imaginary world or embrace a world gone by...I need this.
So I must say I am so thankful for my local library.  On top of being an amazing facility filled with thousands of books, they have a state-wide system, so I can order books from all over Georgia.  Just this week I got these 4 books, which retail would cost over $100 and I get to keep them for free...well keep them for up to 6 weeks.  
Do you use your library?  If not, consider it.  Some systems even offer digital copies for E-readers. In the words of Dr. Seuss on the subject of books, "young cat if you keep your eyes open enough, oh! the stuff you will learn, the most wonderful stuff."  (from I Can Read With My Eyes Shut)

Love and Butter,

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