Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Simple Laundry Remedy

Laundry is a daily chore here.  Gone of the days of separating it, we just shove it in and take it out.  Hope it gets folded and hope the folded laundry gets put away before the dog lays on it.  There is nothing pretty about laundry in my house right now, except that it is always done before we hit the pillow.  I'm sure this will evolve to something better later and I won't have to worry about a cloth diaper leaving its stench on my favorite sweater or a greasy towel spotting my husband's work clothes...but for right is what it is.

I know you are thinking, why am I going to take a tip from a lady who can't separate her laundry, but here's the tip.  In my unashamed laziness, I must admit that on a regular basis I leave wet clothes in the washer too long.  When I switched my dinosaur machine out for a front loader this got even worse.  Because the door is so dang airtight and the high spin cycle leaves the clothes plastered together on the walls of the machine, they sour so quick.  Let me diverge and say a million times over, my front loader is an amazing feat of engineering that has saved me on water and electric...but seriously I think the clothes sour sometimes in less than an hour.  Who am I kidding I leave those things in there forever!
Okay so back to the tip.  If you do this like me, I have a quick solution instead of re-running the entire cycle.  Add some baking soda (the magical powder) and just run your quick cycle or your rinse cycle....viola!  Stink gone!  My machine only takes a fraction of the time to do this, trust me I do it almost every day!

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  1. White Vinegar can help to get rid of that smell too, use that in your fabric softener well in your HE machine!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I am always leaving my laundry in the washer too long!