Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reclaimed Comfort Food

I started cooking young because food was not a big deal in my home growing up, but somewhere in my heart, food has always been a big deal.  It started young as trying to be healthy, and now has become a journey into taste, experience, and down right L-O-V-E!  I love food, everyone who knows me, even a little "knows" me, knows this.  I cannot have a 5 minute conversation, maybe not even two minutes without food coming up.  My soul is so directly connected to my mouth and stomach, it never ceases to be a part of who I am.  
So since food wasn't a big deal in our home, I don't have this grandiose comfort food that I remember my mother preparing.  I do remember my grandfather hunched over the stove (he suffered damage to his feet in Korea), cooking pasta and so I am forever connected to pasta.  I swear, and not trying to be prideful, from nothing, I can create a pasta dish that you would think was from a restaurant.  And my husband will not take me to an Italian restaurant for this reason.  Because PMS or not, I will surely find a way to condemn the place as a crime against pasta.  (Disclaimer:  I live in the Deep South of America, if you venture to the East Coast or down in to FL you can find real Italian food, but here all we have is the Olive Garden.  And if that isn't a crime against pasta, then I don't know what is?)
When I found Nourishing Traditions and the Weston Price Foundation, which by the way if you haven' should, I was devastated to see that pasta was a condemned food.  Now let me restate that, the excessive consumption of refined wheat is condemned.  In our house, we never full did away with pasta, but we do consume a minimal amount of it.  In the future, I hope to refine our taste-buds to sprouted or Einkorn pasta, but for now, we just eat it once or twice a week.  And NEVER more than one serving in any setting.
So this is my Comfort food, I even made it in my dorm room.  2 ingredients: Noodles and Parmesan Cheese.  Yep, I know that sounds disgusting, even to me now.  No butter?  No I was totally Low fat back in those days.  Even later when I made this and allowed my self a tiny drizzle of olive oil, it was still gross.  I am comparing this bowl of powdery noodles to the feast of Fried Chicken I got when I went home with a college friend from Savannah...and it doesn't even shake a stick.
So now, with the help of my husband, we have come up with an awesome version that is similar, but only contains real food.  Take a look at this label on 100% Parmesean Cheese...apparently to the FDA 100% doesn't mean anything.  Kind of makes you wonder what is in your 100% Grade A Beef or Milk....uugghh!!  No thank you!

So now my noodles contain a generous amount of near raw garlic, grass-fed butter, activated-almonds, and nutritional yeast...and you know what?  They taste a million times's the butter!  But I have to thank my husband for this amazing little shaker of goodness he has come up with that has made me forget all about my "100%" friend.  And he found this little concoction on his own and when I got home today he had even taken some pictures while he was making it so I could share it!

1/4 cup of nutritional yeast flakes
1 tsp of Real Salt or sea salt
2 tsp of garlic powder

Add almonds to a small food processor or food chopper.  Process till ground, then add other ingredients, process until it is "about" the consistency of that sprinkley cheese garbage that we want so badly to avoid, but still love the way it binds a recipe together.  Store in the fridge and use as you would shakie Parm.

For my Reclaimed Comfort Food:  Cook spaghetti noodles to package specifications.  Over Med, heat a good amount a butter in a sauce pan.  (1-2 TBSP per serving...seriously it isn't call Love and a Little Butter).  When butter is melted, but not browned press in some garlic cloves.  I usually do 2-3 per person I'm feeding.  Stir just a little over the heat and then quickly remove.  This will allow most of the garlic's nutrition to remain, but will slightly break down the harshness of it.  It will also infuse all of the butter with garlicky goodness.  Toss the noodles in and serve with the shaker of awesomeness that you just made.  So good, no powdered cellulose or modified milk...seriously?  How does one modify milk?  And in case you are wondering, powdered cellulose is a food grade wood product...and to that I ask how does one make wood a food-grade product?...we aren't Beavers!

So that is my pure, indulgent Comfort food.  A bowl of garlicky, buttery Love!

Love and Butter,


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  1. love this and totally agree on the 100% parmesan

  2. This is great! My hubby makes our daughter's lunch every morning (it was a goal of his this school year) and garlic pasta is her #1 request. I love waking up to the smell of garlic! I will try this "shaker" mix out soon because it sounds delicious.

    1. YUM! The shaker stuff might sound like work, but it is totally worth it. Taste a lot like Parm and helps soak up the butter.

  3. Now, I need to go eat pasta! :) This is going to be my lunch today. Thanks for sharing with Simple Meals Friday! It's one of our featured posts this week.

  4. Indeed we are not beavers! Nor are we sludge piles, although Big Food seems to think so, don't they? Love this idea for alternate parmesaan - thanks!