Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome Change in 2013

I've read it is purposeless to make vague resolutions like "get in shape" because there is no measurement to the success.  I must admit some of my resolutions can be measured and some cannot.  Some will be impossible to achieve 100%, but what the heck, here goes!!

Best Uncle a girl could ask for!

Spiritual Resolutions: 

Pray more.

Dig deeper into God's word each day, no matter what!

Glean everything I can from the mentors in my life.

Organization/Planning Resolutions:

Organize my calendar to stay on top of special events.  Smaller goals include do a seasonal wreath on my door instead of just pinning one the day before the holiday! And not making my kids birthday cakes at the last minute. 

Spend 30 mins a day on my blog.  I have far too many unfinished posts.

Homesteading Resolutions:

Plan my garden more efficiently.   I usually do pretty good on my summer garden, but drop the ball on spring and fall. 

Get my compost act together.

Start a rain collection system.

Learn more about essential oils and incorporate them into my life.

Get brave enough to sneak some chickens into my backyard.

Kitchen/Food Resolutions:

Keep working toward fish 3x a week.  (We are at 2 on a good week now.)

Source Sprouted grains and work them into my food budget.

Learn to make the perfect loaf of soaked artisan crusty bread.

Hike or run on every pretty day that it is possible.

Breathe Deeper.  Yell Less.  Love More.

Blessings to you and yours.

Love and Butter,


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