Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Week Grain-Free

I am trying to wrap my mind around the GAPS diet, and my husband has been almost completely off of grains since after Christmas and seeing a ton of results.  We are moving out of the detox phase (or Intro) and into eating real food.  I should note that we did not do the entire Intro as described in the book, but did implement a broth regiment and introduce fresh juice for detoxing.  My husband's eczema has disappeared and only comes back when he has wheat, but even then is gone the next day.  I am so glad to know, that as his healing happens, his liver is starting to do its job!  If you have read my WAPF story, you would understand why I have so much concern for the function of my husband's liver.  After years on way too many pharmaceuticals, it is a beautiful thing to see him begin to live free and clear of even over-the-counter meds.  We are pushing this diet through now in hopes that he can find healing before allergy season starts.
So this week we are grain-free, and I thought I would share my menu for anyone on the same journey.  We weren't bean free or totally GAPS, but pretty close this week.

Sunday: Grain-free Salmon Patties w/ creamy fermented dill sauce (recipe coming)

Monday: Beef and Veggie Soup (I used my Beef and Barley recipe, without the barley)

Tuesday:  Crustless Quiche w/ Pastured Pork Sausage, bell peppers, spinach, olives, and artichokes 

Wednesday: Roasted Turkey and Fauxtatoes ( I'll probably do 1/2 potatoes 1/2 cauliflower, to use them up before we are all-out GAPS), Also some Chia Seed Pudding for dessert (Wednesday is our "nice" dinner night)

Thursday: Chicken Fajitas w/ grain free tortillas and Hot Pink Garlic Kraut (this was a BIG hit in our house!)

Friday: Chili  (I will try to use GAPS approved beans, but I may not make it to the store)

Saturday: Cobb Salads w/ leftover Turkey and Homemade Ranch

For lunches, I will cook 2 chickens on Tuesday and shred the meat for Bombay Chicken Salad, which we will eat on sliced cucumbers or lettuce wraps.  Other than that, we will work through the leftover soups in the fridge.  We usually eat tuna w/ homemade mayo and fermented dill relish once a week anyway, so that will probably be on the menu too.  I serve tuna on cucumber "crackers" or wrapped in lettuce.

I am stocked with lots of Saurkraut and Cortido we will be working out way through.  I will start a batch of Hot Pink Garlic Kraut and Kimchi on Tuesday as well.  We will have kefir, fresh juice, and raw garlic every day and water with ACV in it before meals.

I am trying to source a few more things before I will feel really ready to be 100%.  I also am trying to empty out my freezer before my side of beef is ready in a couple of weeks.  So there may be some things we eat from there with traditionally prepared grains.  (Like some meatballs I made with sourdough bread crumbs or a couple of sauces or soups that may have beans or cornstarch in them.)

All in all, it was a great--and more importantly TASTY week.

Love and Butter,


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  1. Do you have a recipe for the garlic kraut?

    Also, I am really looking forward to hearing more about your salmon patties! When I had to go GF, I found that I could just omit the bread crumbs that are in the original recipe, but they're pretty fragile that way - yours look sturdier.

  2. I will post the recipe for the Garlic Kraut and the salmon patties before the weekend. I wanted to make them each once more to double check my measurements.

    Thanks for stopping by!