Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grain-Free Morning Sickness

I can't believe I haven't fallen off this GAPS wagon yet!  I'm still super queasy all of the time, and on top of that, the GAPS diet has highlighted some of the digestion problems I have had all my life.  Ones I had been managing with balanced fiber intake.  But, GAPS is a healing diet and I know this is just part of the process to rebuilding my gut flora, so I am thankful I have taken this grain-free journey...well mostly.
This week when I was grocery shopping, I saw this lady with a bunch of ramen noodles in her buggy.  You know, the value pack that you used to keep in your dorm room?  Okay, I must say, that in another life, one I lived mostly eating healthy food.  I still ate my fare share of ramen noodles.  Also, this was one of my favorite morning sickness foods.
So there I am pushing my buggy filled with nuts and salad and juicing fruits and veggies...and there she is with her ramen noodles.  It took everything in me to pass that last aisle and not get some.  Then I spent the next 3 days...YES! THREE DAYS!!!  Thinking about ramen noodles.  I know this is crazy, but if you've ever been pregnant, you've been there, right?
I didn't give in.  I've been strong, so far.  I may have to come up with a healthy alternative, I know it won't be GAPS legal, but maybe just once?  So aside from day-dreaming of msg-laden, hydrogenated, college garbage food, I have found a couple of things that are easing my morning sickness.

1.  Lying down.  This seems to be the best, but it wastes a lot of time and isn't practical.

2.  Drinking very lemony water.

3.  Chewing raw ginger.  This is super nasty, and burns going down, but it works in about 5-10 minutes.  I take a thin slice about the size of a quarter and just chew it up and swallow.  I rinse it down with water.

4.  Sipping on pickle juice.  I'm doing the fermented Bubbies right now.  But I've almost been through a jar in the last 5 days, and at $6/a pop, that isn't something I can keep up.  I have an AH-mazing recipe for fermented pickles, I just have to source some cukes and February isn't really the best time of year to do more on that later.

5.  Broth with a good amount of salt, but no other seasoning.  (I was adding garlic and ginger before, but just plain right now.) This is, of course, a requirement on GAPS.  I don't crave the broth, in fact looking at it in the fridge with the fat on top is kinda gagging me.  And having it simmering all of the time, also not helping with the gag factor.  But when my husband makes me some, (I know I'm spoiled) it always goes down well and makes my tummy calm down.

So that is it for now.  I may try some teas and other things.  According to my calendar, I have 4 more weeks of this...and to that I say...geesh!  The kids are giving me a ton of extra help and the extreme exhaustion seems to be passing...So I guess we are on our way to chubby knees and gurgling-toothless grins!

Thank you to my sweet readers for all of your messages of encouragement!  It means so much!

Love and Butter,


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  1. Sipping apple cider vinegar all day helped with my "morning" sickness. :)

  2. Good for you for resisting the ramen! I remember in my first pregnancy I gave into a ramen craving. And I woke up in the middle of the night swelled up like that marshmallow man on Ghost Busters! I was in misery! Had to drink water like crazy to flush that stuff out of my system.

    Just got over my first trimester, in this my eighth pregnancy. Here's what helped this time around: 1. Epsom Salt baths. Been reading how morning sickness is often a magnesium deficiency. And you can absorb mag really well in a long Epsom salt soak. And 2. Eating protein first thing in the morning. I mean, I've been eating like dinner for breakfast--chicken, eggs, cheese, steak. Whatever. But if I eat a really protein heavy meal first, then I can digest other stuff without gagging. But, if I start with fruit or vegetables or grains I'm SICK!

    Blessings on your journey and strength to resist the ramen! :-)

    1. Thanks for the tips. I do need to start taking Epsom Salt Baths, they are protocol for GAPS. I have been supplementing with magnesium citrate for the last 6 months, but had cut back because once I removed grains from my diet, it seemed to "grind" through my system. I've restarted it, so maybe that will help.
      I will try to eat first thing, that seems to make sense. I've been making sure to get enough protein throughout the day, but I'll see if timing it changes anything.

  3. Great post Mishelle! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

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  5. Oh man, pregnancy... morning sickness... all day sickness. Ugh! I sure do love those little bitty babies though :). I never did try eating raw ginger. I tried ginger tea and those ginger candies and they didn't help at all. I'll have to pin this post to remember these. If I get pregnant again (not sure about that one) I'll certainly need all the ideas I can get. I've yet to make it through a pregnancy unmedicated so it would be nice especially since I too have cut grains since my last pregnancy.

    I hope your morning sickness passes quickly!

  6. Great tips! Thank you for sharing them on Wildcrafing Wednesday!

  7. Good ideas! I'm so glad you shared this post on The HomeAcre Hop! See you on the next hop at:

    When you get a chance, check out The Linky Love Party for new places to share your posts!

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