Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 2 Grain-Free Menu

I would love to say we made it all the way 100% on our second week of GAPS, but I have to admit we cheated this week.  Just once...I promise.  And it stood as a confirmation as to why we we are doing this in the first place.
During our post-holiday cleanse, we had identified my husband's eczema was directly related to his wheat consumption.  This was devastating to me, especially since I just figured out how to make the most amazing soaked bread.  But I know, after reading GAPS and hearing an amazing lecture by a GAPS practitioner that if my husband has eczema showing on the outside, he has other stuff going on inside.
On Friday, which is our usually pizza night I planned fully on making a Grain-free Crust.  But then I let my grumpiness get to me (which will have to be explained in a later post), and I settled with my regular Sprouted Pizza Crust Recipe.  My husband's eczema flared in 2.5 hours!  
I retreated like a cat with it's tail tucked in.  I will stay GAPS as best I can, and will channel my grumpiness into searching for new Grain-free recipes.  I need my family to be healed on the inside.  The traditional diet has done so much for us, but I know along the way my husband wasn't 100% on board and his body needs this extra care.  
I also can't complain, the detox we did after Christmas removed my cravings for coffee in the morning. And removing sugar completely with GAPS has done wonders for my skin and mood balance...well once we got past the craving phase.  This week my kids weren't requesting carbs like last week.  So we are settling in nicely.  My littlest monkey had a battle with some diarrea, but that has cleared up.  I think he was just getting too much fat and not enough for it to "stick" to.  My body is having a hard time adjusting to less fiber...hence my grumpiness, and Friday I could tell when I stepped on the scale and then tried to button my jeans.  I am hoping I will be able to find the right balance with GAPS approved beans and lentils to keep my gut moving the way it should....well now that I've said all that, can I really move into what we ate?  

Oh!  I should mention I am trying to empty out my freezer, so excuse the randomness this week.  I found a bunch of packs of sausages I had bought on markdown at the bottom of the freezer...and some steaks.  

Sunday: Grain-Free Chicken Tenders, Veggie Plate w/ Avocado Ranch Dip

Monday: GF Chicken Sausages and Purple Garlic Kraut, Sauted Brocolli

Tuesday: Italian Stuffed Peppers (recipe coming), My Go-To Salad

Wednesday: Steak & Chopped Salad with Ranch

Thursday: GF Chicken Sausages and Purple Garlic Kraut (we also finished off our potatoes, roasted with onions and butter...they will be our last for a while)

Friday:  BIG FAT CHEATER DAY...Pizza (At least it was homemade and sprouted!?!)

Saturday:  Spicy Andouille Lentil Soup (recipe coming too)

I am embarrassed we ate the same thing twice, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are really busy for us.  You know you have weeks like that too!

Love and Butter,


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  3. When we want a pizza night, we do a "meatza". This recipe is from "Well Fed" by Melissa Joulwan. Just press out a pound or two of thawed ground beef into a cookie sheet (or two)in a thin-ish layer and smooth using damp hands, so that it sticks together. This is the crust. Bake @400 for 15-20 min. until cooked through. Pull it out of the oven and drain it as best you can if needed. Top it with sauce and whatever toppings you like--sauteed veggies, cheese, etc. (depending on whether or not you are eating cheese:) Put it back into the oven until it looks good to you. It's the best pizza substitute we've found, and I've tried lots of the cauliflower and almond meal crusts. You can also mix Italian seasoning or sausage seasoning into the ground beef before you make your crust. **Sorry about the deleted comments above. I made way too many typos when I first tried to comment!**

  4. That sounds super yummy! We are slowly getting used to this as a lifestyle and I know part of that will be not always being perfect. I think I will try Meatza next pizza night. Thanks for the suggestions!