Monday, May 20, 2013

My Verdict on GAPS

I am finally not sick!!!  I know that is much more exciting to me than you, right?  I gave up trying to keep up with with being a mommy-blogger and just decided to tread water being a mommy till my first trimester ended.  Praise the Lord!  I am still alive, and am crawling out from under the rock, just to find dust bunnies and fingerprints on everything.  So here we go with spring cleaning/nesting and I have a ton of energy, because I just basically spent the last 2 months lying in bed trying to keep my lunch down.

Before I fell off the cliff, in a virtual sense, I was mostly blogging on our journey on the GAPS diet.  First I must say, I do believe we had a lot of success.  We began transitioning into low-starch gluten-free grains (i.e. quinoa and millet) a few weeks back.  We also started eating some potatoes.  Nothing seemed to trigger any stomach pain, or other disturbance, so we went with it.  I've read mixed opinions on how long one must be on GAPS, but we seemed to be cured of the minor ailments we had pretty quickly.  We are still watching my husband's eczema closely, but it is mostly at bay.  

I must admit though I am not totally sure it was giving up grains that did it.  The early stages of GAPS do a lot of detox to the body, and I am somewhat wondering if my husband didn't just need a good liver detox to rid his body of the build up of being on prescription drugs for so many years.  

As of now, high allergy season...and we live in the 3rd worst allergy city in America.  He is fine, no anti-histamines, nothing!  He's even using a netti to run off a cold our kiddos gave us!  Also, we both have noticed that the anxiety/worry that used to plague him has subsided.  Again, I'm still not sure what totally did this, but these are both ailments that people have claimed GAPS healed.   I read some accounts where people claimed healing in as little as 6 weeks of minor ailments like seasonal allergies.  My husband would have been on it 10 full weeks and then the following transition for the next 4-6, so maybe that was enough.  It is quite impossible to tell if one's gut is sealed, and if over time we see a return of his symptoms we will surely give it another run for longer.  But for now we are closing out this chapter of our lives.

I must add, we are going very light on grains, especially wheat, rice and corn.  These are some of the starchier grains, so we are keeping them to a minimum in our diet.  I have returned to soaking or sprouting our wheat for bread or other baked goods.  I am wondering if because our diet wasn't so out of whack to begin with, that it took a shorter amount of time to heal our guts??  

For what its worth, my verdict on GAPS:

It really does work!  I know it would be quite a feat, especially for someone with a child with disabilities or food addictions to modernized foods.  But, isn't living with those things a trial in and of itself?  I would support anyone I know in doing the GAPS diet, for cleansing, for healing, for hope.  

That's a wrap!  I will still post grain-free recipes from time to time, because I believe in varying the diet as much as possible.  And I should be able to give gf options on some of my older recipes now that we've put it into practice for a while.  All in all, I am thankful we took this journey.

Love and Butter,


The views expressed in this article should not be considered professional medical advice, it is just opinion and personal experimentation.  For help with the GAPS diet find a GAPS practitioner near you.
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