Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekly Butter 6/14

I'm finally back on the grid this week.  Morning sickness has been gone for a while.  Baseball season is over...which seriously, what is the deal with so many games in a little league baseball season?  Anyone?  Every other sport my kids play--one game, baseball 3-4/week.  I also had a scare with an ultrasound and have now moved past worrying about that.  And after all that we spent a week at the beach.  So rested and tan, I am ready to enter back into the virtual world!  

Here are some things I read this week I thought were worth sharing.  

First, an amazing post from Ann Voskamp about working through our anger in parenting, even though we may have been raised to do differently.  This one really felt like my heart was exhaling it as I read her words. If there is anything I need to learn to receive it is Grace.  And if there is anything I need to learn to give it is Grace.

This second article was written by Stephen Miller as a tribute to his 10-year anniversary.  They got married at 18 and 20, and he speaks to the reasons not to follow the cultural movement of marrying older and starting a family earlier.  I have heard a lot of "wow you don't look old enough to have 5 kids" or "5? really, were you planning that?" or worst all, "are you excited about this one?"  Seriously, people am I excited that the God on high placed within me life and gave me the privilege of growing and nurturing it with my own body?  Am I excited that the Lord would see me a fit enough servant to raise 5 people into the gift of his mercy and grace?  So, yes I get it, not everyone likes kids or wants a bunch of them, but why ask questions like this.  I don't go around asking opinion-charged questions to people who have chosen to live their life differently than I.  I cannot fathom why people would feel the need to ask me the questions they do.)...sorry rant is over :)  The's good.  It's good to hear someone speak with a similar heart on the subject.

With summer breaking out in full force was 95 with full humidity the other day!!  My garden is coming in and so are the mosquitoes.  I found these recipes for homemade organic fertilizer made from kitchen scraps and a diy organic mosquito repellent.  I can't wait to try them!
Speaking of my garden, I planted a tomatillo plant this summer for the first time.  After I tried a recipe for "guacamole salsa" last summer that had me loading up on them, I figured I'd grow my own.  I hope to perfect my own recipe by the end of the summer.  

I also want to perfect some Chocolate Kefir Cream.  I've done vanilla every summer, but chocolate may take a little more work.  I found this recipe, but I must be honest it has me a little nervous about adding the eggs to the warm milk.  Have you ever had "ice cream" with scrambled eggs in it.  I have once and it was quite an experience!  I remember how good the ice cream was and you wanted to eat it so bad, and then you would bite into a rubbery egg piece.  So because of that, I've always stuck with no egg recipes.  So this summer, will be the summer I move past that fear!

Is there anything you are afraid of in the kitchen?  What would it take you to get past it?  For me it is always a little success...which doesn't always come easy!

Well I know it isn't official until next week, but in my book, once there's watermelon and watersides, it's here!   Happy Summer everyone!!

Love and Butter,


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