About Me

Welcome!  How do you do?  I am so glad you have found Love and Butter.  I feel so trite in saying, I am another SAHM trying to formulate my thoughts, so that somewhere, someone (over the age of 18) will listen to them.  My life is sometimes a whirlwind of a million things that must be done, and I always have a really long list of things I want to do.  But somewhere between phonics lessons, play-dates, and grocery shopping, a lot of that gets lost.  I am in someways thankful that I started blogging, just because now I have a black and white reminder of my "want" list.  I blog mostly on the topic of real food, because in my world that is a necessity.  Then in my free time... ha! free time!...I will sew, craft, or even try to get my husband to help me build something.  At the heart of who I am lies an encourager, who yearns to listen and exhort anyone trying to make a change for the better.

On the topic of food, I am always trying to "get the junk" out of my family's diet.  But in reality I cannot just buy all of our food at the health store or spend hours in the kitchen each day.  I cook from the heart.  Food must always taste good...really good!  And we must reconcile taste to our body's needs.  I use ingredients I can pronounce and try to know where they come from.  I read the ingredient list not the nutritional facts.  I want to feel balanced and energetic and I create meals that warm the bellies and the hearts of my family and friends.

One reason I want to blog recipes and techniques, is because I want people to know it doesn't have to be that hard.  As you've heard, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  And so it is with real food.  Each time you pass the drive through and put a real meal on the table you have conquered a battle.  Each time you begin a new habit that will ensure healthy eating, one more mile down.  I would love for you to join me on this journey, of health, of awareness, and of self-reliance.  You can read how I began my own journey here.  There is a better life than prescription drugs and fast food...real life, and it begins with REAL FOOD!!

There are a lot of ways to get real food on the table without a lot of work, most of my recipes will include slow cooking, bulk cooking, or freezer meals just for the sake of convenience.  I also love to spend my time sewing, crocheting, and making other random things with my hands.  I'm so glad you're here to join me on this adventure.

Love and Butter,